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June 8, 20210

A teachers job is very important but often undervalued. The national turnover rate for childcare centers is roughly 30%. The job of an educator is physically demanding with little financial reward, autonomy, or potential of professional growth 


Still, there are many ways to give your teachers motivational reasons to come to work every day. The result will be high morale and a positive influence on children’s learning and development. 


Money Honey– Nothing like a financial incentive to get your staff members motivated. That can be in the form of paid sick days, time off, raises, or bonuses. The offering doesn’t have to be large but should be fair and clear among your team and an attainable goal they can work towards.


Training, Training, and More Training! – Whether it’s team building workshops, group work, seminar based, or online learning, a well trained staff makes your team feel confident, valued, and also encourages them to teach one another. 


Environment: Recognize your staff’s personal achievements. Are they happy and upbeat? Be sure to check in everyday with each teacher. Are they supported? Do they have the tools they need to succeed?



Empowerment: Give your staff opportunities to grow, lead, and expand. Can you assign a team member the role of project manager for a specific project? Ask a senior teacher to mentor new teachers, or, offer the role of social media manager or project expert on a certain topic. And of course, compensate them for their extra work. 


A Thank You and Good Job Goes a Long Way– Praise, recognition, and positive feedback takes little effort and can go a long way. Positive feedback keeps them motivated and it shows the other team members you appreciate the effort and work they put in every day. 


Are you a teacher and love your center? Or, are you a parent and love your child’s teacher? Let them know! Simply search by their name in our database and leave a review.

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