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This Site may contain links to other independent third-party Web sites ("Linked Sites”). These Linked Sites are provided solely as a convenience to our visitors.

Links from the Site to external sites (including external sites that are framed by Tykely.com) or inclusion of advertisements, events, and other third-party content on the Site, do not constitute an endorsement by Tykely.com of such sites or the content, products, events, advertising and other materials presented on such sites or of the products and services that are the subject of such third-party content, but are for users’ reference and convenience. Tykely.com does not control third-party sites or content, and is not responsible for them. Such sites and content are governed by their respective owners’ terms of use and privacy policies, and not these Terms or Tykely.com‘s Privacy Policy. Tykely.com expressly disclaims any liability derived from the use and/or viewing of links that may appear on this Site. All users hereby agree to hold Tykely.com harmless from any liability that may result from the use of links that may appear on the Site.

Billing and Payment

Last revised March 25, 2021.

If you sign up for a Tykely.com paid membership subscription, or for a Service or product that includes a recurring fee, you agree to pay Tykely.com all charges associated with the subscription, Service, or product you choose, as described on the Site at the time you submit your payment information. You also authorize Tykely.com, or a third-party payment processor that works on our behalf, to charge your chosen payment method according to the terms of your chosen subscription, Service, or product. Tykely.com reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes even if it has already requested or received payment.

To the extent you elect to purchase other services or product offerings we may offer for a non-recurring fee, you authorize Tykely.com to charge your chosen payment provider for the services and/or products you purchase. You agree that if Tykely.com already has your credit card on file as a result of prior purchases you have made, we may charge that credit card for the additional services or products you purchase.

Automatic Renewal Subscription and Cancellation

All paid membership subscriptions and recurring fee-based services or products will continue indefinitely until cancelled by the user.
For membership subscriptions, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your chosen tern period for an additional equivalent period at the subscription rate and frequency disclosed to you on the site when you originally subscribed. If you choose a subscription term in excess of one month that allows you to be shared monthly over the subscription period, and you decide to cancel your subscription during the subscription period, you acknowledge and agree that you will continue to be billed for the subscription on a monthly basis until the end of the then-current subscription term For other services or products with recurring fees, you will be charged the fee associated with such product or service at the interval specified at the time of purchase, until you expressly cancel the service or product.
You may cancel your paid membership subscription at any time by following the instruction on your account settings page. If you cancel a paid subscription, you typically will be permitted to use your subscription until the end of your then current subscription term. Your paid subscription will not be renewed after your then current term expires, but your payment method will be charged, and you will be required to pay, any cancellation or other fees associated with your early termination and disclosed to you at the time you signed up for the subscription plan.

Free Trial Offers

Tykely.com may offer limited-time free trial subscriptions to certain users.

Users who sign up for a Tykely.com service on a free trial basis may have limited access to the service and/or features of the Site. If a user signs up for a free trial subscription, unless he or she cancels before the expiration of the free trial period, the user will be charged the price then in effect for a subscription of the service, unless otherwise informed by Tykely.com at the time of the original subscription. If a user does not want to continue with the service after the expiration of the free trial period, the care seeker or care provider must downgrade or cancel their subscription, and request  refund of the subscription fee within thirty (30) days of being charged the subscription fee for the service. Upon cancellation, the care seeker or care provider’s credit care will be refunded for the amount of the most recent subscription charge so long as he or she has not used the subscription after the expiration of the free trial period.

Release of Liability for Conduct and Disputes

By using this Site or services, you hereby represent, understand, and expressly agree to release and hold Tykely.com (and Tykely.com’s employees, parents, affiliates, assignees, agents, representatives, advertisers, marketing partners, licensors, independent contractors, corporate partners or recruiters) harmless from any claim or controversy that may arise out of:
  • The actions or inactions of, or the relationship between you, and any care seeker, event planner and organizer, care provider, or other user(s) of the Site.
  •  Any information, instruction, advice, event, or services created by any care seeker, care provider, event organizer or other third party that appeared on, or was communicated through, the Site.
Tykely.com and it’s affiliates expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any damage, suits, claims, and/or controversies that have arisen or may arise, whether known or unknown, from the above.

Assumption of Risk

While Tykely.com takes certain steps to help promote the safety of our Site and Services, finding care or care-related jobs via an online platform like ours comes with certain inherent risks.

We do not provide any training, supervision, or monitoring of Care Seekers or Care Providers, and we cannot guarantee that all of your interactions with other Event Planners, Event Organizers, Registered Users, site visitors, their families, or others associated with them, will always be 100% safe and respectful. You agree to assume all risks when using the Site and the Services, including but not limited to injury, illness, death, and all other risks associated with any online or offline interactions with users of the Site or the Services. You also agree not to rely solely on steps Tykely.com may take to vet or screen Care Providers or Care Seekers and/or their Content, or otherwise to promote the safety of the Site and Services. You further agree to take all necessary precautions when interacting with other site visitors, Registered Users, their families, and others associated with them.


Please review our Privacy Policy, which also governs your visit to this Site, to understand our practices.

Tykely.com offers various services to help its users find, coordinate, and maintain quality care. Tykely.com‘s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is designed to explain the information we collect and how we use it to provide our services and give users a better experience. It applies to any users of www.tykely.com and any web pages, mobile applications and mobile websites operated by Tykely.com (collectively, the “Site”), including those who are seeking to find an individual, event, or shared service provider through Tykely.com (“Care Seekers”) as well as those who are looking to promote their services through Tykely.com (“Care Providers”), and any users of any of the various services that Tykely.com provides through the Site or any other channels.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the terms “Tykely.com,” “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Tykely.com, LLC. “You” refers to you, as a visitor or user or the Site or the Services. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party entities that may use the Site or Services. Such entities’ use of the Site and Services are subject to separate terms that they agreed to when they registered or otherwise contracted with Tykely.com.

By using the Site and/or the Services, you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

You may cancel your paid membership subscription at any time by following the instruction on your account settings page. If you cancel a paid subscription, you typically will be permitted to use your subscription until the end of your then current subscription term. Your paid subscription will not be renewed after your then current term expires, but your payment method will be charged, and you will be required to pay, any cancellation or other fees associated with your early termination and disclosed to you at the time you signed up for the subscription plan.

Information We Collect and Their Sources

How we collect and store information depends on the Services you use and the activities in which you participate.

You can use some of the Site and Services without providing any information other than that automatically collected as described below.

Visitors who access and browse the Site without registering are “Site Visitors.” In order to utilize some of the Services offered by Tykely.com, you must register with Tykely.com. All users who register with Tykely.com are “Registered Users.”

Information You Provide

Information you provide may be stored on this site.

Regardless of whether you are a Site Visitor or a Registered User, all information that you provide to us when registering, posting a job, posting a profile, posting an event, communicating through the Site, discussing care options over the phone, utilizing our mobile applications or that you otherwise provide on the Site or by phone, email, postal mail or otherwise, will be stored by us. You represent and warrant to us that you have the right and authority to provide us all information you provide about yourself or others. You may provide us with information in various ways, including:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Phone Number
When Posting a profile:

If you are a Care Provider, we collect and store all of the additional information that you provide to us in your profile. This may include, among other information:

  • details on the care you offer, including for example the type of care you provide, your availability, your location, your level of education, languages you speak, your ability to drive
  • related services you provide
  • pictures you choose to post
  • your phone numbers
  • references, if you choose to provide them
  • any other information you choose to include in your profile

Information Provided By Others

Tykely.com also captures and collects information that Site Visitors, Registered Users and others provide about one another.
For example, Care Providers may invite Site Visitors, Registered Users or others to rate and indicate their relationship to the Care Provider on the Site. Additionally, certain Registered Users may post reviews about individual Care Providers. Care.com may also obtain and post audio recordings of Care Provider references, which may also be accessed from the Site. In addition, certain Registered Users may communicate directly with one another through Care.com platforms. Site Visitors, Registered Users and others also may provide us information about Registered Users by phone, email or postal mail. Tykely.com captures and stores all information it receives from Site Visitors, Registered Users and others about other Registered Users and Site Visitors.

Online Analytics and Advertising

We use online analytics and advertisements to provide targeted offers to our users.

When you visit our Site or open one of our emails, we may allow authorized third parties, such as ad servers, ad agencies, ad exchanges, ad technology vendors, and research firms, to place or recognize a unique cookie, pixel, and/or similar technologies on your browser in order to provide you relevant Tykely.com advertisements as you surf the Internet. These advertisements may be targeted to you based on information these authorized third parties know or infer about you and include in the cookies placed on your browser, and/or on information about your Internet browsing activities gathered through your browser.

We also use Google Analytics to measure Site usage and improve our visitor experience. The relevant data is provided to us by Google in the aggregate (i.e., individual users are not identified) and allows us to better understand our Site audience. The Google Analytics features implemented by us allow us to evaluate and generate reports on certain demographic, behavioral, and interest metrics of users collected by Google, and to create advertising remarketing audiences and campaigns based on such metrics, which may be segmented into aggregated groups.

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Tykely.com does not employ any caregiver and is not responsible for the conduct of any user on our site. All information in member profiles, applications, job posts, and messages is created by users on our site and not generated or verified by Tykely.com. You need to do your own due diligence to ensure the job or caregiver you choose is appropriate for your needs and complies with applicable laws.



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