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Want to write and get paid for it? We’re welcoming writers, bloggers, parents, and child care owners to talk about family, parenting, childcare, kids, and relationships. Featured articles will be published on Tykely.


Write For Us And Get Paid For It!

At Tykely we bring quality daycares and families together. We believe everyone has something to say and each person benefits from each other’s shared wisdom, experience, and opinions. This blog is a perfect way to spread that message.

We’re welcoming writers, bloggers, parents, and child care owners to talk about family, parenting, childcare, kids, and relationships.

We pay $75 for original content only and suggest articles be between 900-1500 words.

10 Guidelines For Submissions

Short and Skimmable: Your article should be organized and skim-able with short paragraphs. Use lists and bullet points where applicable.

Clear Headline: Your article should have a well-thought-out headline that tells the reader where your article is heading.

Subheadings: Your article should include subheadings that highlight key points in your piece.

Keep It Original: Your article must be original and not published anywhere else.

Practical, Current, and Actionable: Your articles should offer practical and actionable tips and advice. Teach the reader something new; don’t repeat what others have said 100 times over.

Real-Life Examples: Your article should be personal and anecdotal. Can a parent or child care provider relate to what you are saying?

Include References: Include references or research when applicable. We won’t necessarily include them in your article, it’s for our reference.

Well-Rounded Conclusion: The conclusion should be a summary of key takeaways from your article.

Photos: Bonus points for including beautiful photos! If not you do not, we reserve the right to include them in your article.

Your Bio: You deserve the credit, be sure to include a short bio

Your Socials: If you want to be tagged on our platforms, please provide any and all social handles.

How To Write a Great Article

Be authentic and write what you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Make your article skim-able with a clear heading and subheadings.

Keep your article between 900-1500 words. Each short paragraph should not exceed 5-6 sentences.

Share, share, and share some more! Share everywhere you can. People want to hear what you have to say, so get out there and spread the word!

How to Submit the Article

Complete the form below to submit your article for review.

If your article gets published you will receive $75 on the publish date via PayPal or Venmo.

Terms of Agreement

By submitting the article you agree that it is an original article written by you and that it has not been published or submitted for consideration to publish elsewhere.

By submitting the article you agree not to resubmit the article to any other site until you hear back the publication decision from us (expect it to take 24-48 hours).

By submitting the article you agree that if it is chosen for publication, you will not republish it on any other site (including your own) until 4 weeks after the publication date on

By submitting the article you agree that if your article is published, I will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future, of course with due credit to you.

By submitting the article you agree, we have the right to insert photos and edit text on your behalf where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Submit My Article, Now What?

You should expect to hear back within 72 hours. If you haven’t heard from us within three days feel free to email us again for a gentle reminder.

What kind of articles are most likely to get published?

It’s pretty obvious if you’re writing from the first-hand experience. The authentic, genuine articles get picked up first. Aside from following the guidelines above, your piece should be motivating, practical, and conversational.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid via PayPal or Venmo on the day your article is published. You do not get paid for a submission, you only get paid if your article is published.

Can I submit more than one article?

Yes, but please do not exceed one article per week.

My article has been accepted, now what?

Woohoo, Congrats!! You will receive a link to your article once it goes live. Then it’s your time to share, share, share!

Remember: This article must NOT be published anywhere else once it has been accepted by and you have been paid for it. You are welcome to publish it elsewhere 4 weeks after publication.

Will you edit my article?

Your article may be edited to fit the tone and style of Tykely but we’ll be sure to keep your voice and thoughts throughout the piece.

Submit Article

Complete the form below to submit your article. We'll review it and let you know whether it will be published within 72 hours. You can reach us at if you need assistance.
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