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August 3, 20210

Moms and all parents are some of the most hard-working people I’ve ever seen. Being a mom has been shown to be equivalent to working 2 ½ jobs at once. It is 24/7 and never ends.

If you listed everything moms do as a job description, no one would apply. However, countless mothers and parents work harder than ever every single day without a break.

It is moms like this that deserve a self-care day. Most importantly, it is crucial for their survival to take a self-care day.

What is a Self-Care Day?

A self-care day is basically what it states: a day dedicated entirely to yourself.  

Now I know all moms can’t do an entire day, and that is totally okay. Even though it says a day, it can be for a few short hours if necessary.

The most important thing is that you are taking that time for yourself.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Everyone needs to take care of themselves. Taking a shower and brushing your teeth are both normal habits that you technically could take a few days off from and still survive. However, the more you go without, the more you physically feel disgusting.

The same thing happens with our emotions and our brains. If you work nonstop without a break to take care of yourself emotionally, you will feel that fatigue and a sick feeling come over you.

Most women call this burnout.

Once you experience this, it is harder to take care of your children. That is why self-care is crucial.

Practicing self-care routinely will help us avoid burnout, enjoy being a mother, and love ourselves more. It is completely necessary.

Isn’t Self-Care Selfish?

Many moms truly believe that self-care is selfish, and tell themselves that while they are trying to take that time for themselves. Then it just becomes counterproductive.

Self-care will never be selfish.

You desperately need that time for yourself, especially as a mother!

Self-care only helps you be a better mom, provider, wife, etc. So, in reality, it is the exact opposite of being selfish!

How to Take a Self-Care Day as a Busy Mom

As a busy mom, it seems impossible to take an hour for self-care, let alone a day. Here are a few suggestions to help you find that time for yourself, even on the busy days!

5 Minute Self-Care Moments

If it feels impossible to take an entire day for yourself, that is totally okay. Hopefully the more you practice self-care you will start to see it is possible and so helpful.

In the meantime, start with doing a couple of 5-minute exercises where you practice self-care. Do a few of these throughout the day and by the end of the day, you will have an hour or more dedicated to yourself.

These are rather refreshing and also help when you are having a hard day.

Some ideas for 5-minute moments include dancing and singing to your favorite song, do a skincare routine, brush your hair, do a new hairdo, paint your nails, take a nature walk, etc.

Find what works for you and do it!

Mark it on the Calendar

There is great power in scheduling our time, especially as a mom. When you schedule things and mark it on your calendar, you are less likely to forget and actually practice it.

So, mark in a time to take a few hours for yourself! Find a babysitter or ask for help from family if you need it.

Positive Affirmations

When we have a negative feeling about self-care, we are less likely to practice it, even when we are burnt out and needing it.

This is where positive affirmations come into handy. Practicing affirmations or mantras relating to self-care will help you change your perspective and look forward to that previous time for yourself.

Here are a few to say to yourself:

·       Self-care is not selfish

·       I am a better mom when I practice self-care

·       I can take time for myself, and that is okay

·       I deserve this time for myself

·       My kids will be okay without me for a little bit

Don’t Feel Guilty

This is very similar and goes hand in hand with positive affirmations.

As moms, we tend to feel so much guilt for taking time for ourselves. Somehow, we get the idea that it means we are not good moms.

That will never be true. Moms who practice self-care are better moms. Moms who practice self-care are happier moms.

Practice those affirmations and realize that you are worthy of this! It will help you actually make the effort to indulge in self-care more often than not.

Relax “on the clock”

Allow yourself time to relax even when you’re “on the clock.” There will be times when you cannot take time where you are entirely alone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t practice self-care.

Using those 5-minuteexercises helps you to relax even if your kids are present or you are “on the clock.”

Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Here are some great self-care ideas for moms that will help you take time for yourself and enjoy it!

Go for a Walk or Drive

Sometimes this is enough to feel refreshed. Go enjoy some nature and walk around your street or at a park if one is close.

If you prefer, going for a drive alone is also super relaxing. If you have young kids, let them fall asleep while driving so you can enjoy some nice peace and quiet.


Spa Day

While it may seem a little cliché, it is so nice and a great self-care idea. Take some time to indulge and take care of yourself. Go get a pedicure, or do one at home!

Read a New Book

If you are or were an avid reader before kids, go to the library and find a new book to read. Your library might also allow you to rent books from your device as well.

Get Away From Your Kids

Sometimes you just need to get away. Take that time to do whatever you want! You know yourself best.

Taking time for self-care will be worth it. You got this mama!


I am Kate, the founder of After quitting my job due to pregnancy issues, I knew I needed to find something to help support my family. With my degree and background in psychology, I found my way to writing a blog. Blogging has created a huge passion for me to help moms and women get their mental health back in check and feel pure joy once again. I recently became an author of 10 Days to a Happier Mom, the first of many books in the series. 


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